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We just upgraded the modem for Comcast, and the home computer is connected to the internet and is fine. However we have a wireless intranet network and the other 2 computers will not work. This is the home computer. The router we have is the Microsoft wirless basetation model MN-500. I'm not exactly sure how the wires should be hooked up. Right now only the modem is connected to the computer. When i make the modum connected to the router, and the router to the computer, this computer doesnt have the internet, even tho i think its how its suppose to be done. The networked CD for this router doesnt work on this computer, it says that there is already a newer version. I'm really lost on what I should do and i need help. Please respond as soon as you can, and give any ideas even if they may not work.

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Of course the Modem goes into the Modem port and your main system connects to Ethernet port 1.

You might want to try unplug the Router and Modem for about 30 seconds, then plug in the Router only, wait until the status or a similar worded LED to start blinking and then plug in your Modem. I would give them a few moments to sync and then try to see if your computer can surf the internet.

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