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I have a 6mbps connection and i have a tech coming out tomorrow from comcast to see why im only getting 3.8mbps downstream. FIOS as im sure u ALL know at $50 a month the same im paying for comcast 6mbps, FIOS is offering 15mbps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and 2mbps upstream!!! wow. Hitting comcast hard im switching as soon as its in my area. How is comcast going to respond? Anyone have any inside information on what their planning? They have to try something to compete. I used to laugh at verizon DSL because comcast blew it away, and now verizon + microsoft are making comcast look like babys in the bandwidth world. What is comcasts next action?

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Cablecos will eventually be using multiple downstreams simultaneously to dramatically increase speeds.(Docsis 3.0)

There are also some Docsis 2.0 products that can do this now, but they are basically proprietary (i.e.expensive) right now.

I think they'll eventually deploy fiber, also.

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The spec which was approved in December 2002 allows cable MSOs to boost the download speeds of their broadband pipes to 30 megabits per second, enough to retain customers especially when Bells start to seduce the speed freaks with bigger pipes.

Yea theris deffinatly no excuse for 128 , 386 and 512  upload... and single digit downloads.

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cool I got one of them cable lines into my house, so that's cool. my modem is capable of speeds up to like 32mb/s, so I ccan only hope. My nic is capable of 100mb/s, and I have all gold cabling for my cable line, and the ethernet cable, i think.  ;):):D

hey, and yo got an alternative to charter, lucky man!  :shock::evil:

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When I worked at Comcast and it's been 3 years since then I had uncapped access and I had speeds of 10 to 15 megs a second down and around 2/3 to all of that figure up. So you can see that cable is not utilizing even 1/3 or their bandwidth right now.

I think it will be sometime before we see fiber up to our door but when we do the only limits then will be the big pipes and you know they are up to 100 megs a sec and even faster. That means you could dl a cd in 7 secs or less.... WOW

When that happens then you will see the beginning of the end of TV the way it is right now. It will still come thru a cable signal but it will most likely be delivered to some sort of a computer for viewing rather than our conventinoal TV sets as they are now.

So they could compete right now if they wanted to so if FIOS does come to your area I would expect Comcast to try to compete sooner or later.

Just my guess but I'm sure this is 10 yrs down the road.

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