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s1 being an ass


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dagger: lol

dagger: s1 you hosting this peice of shit?

.s1: yep

dagger: its gay lol :P

dagger: install jIRC

dagger: and i can set up an irc

.s1: want a cookie?

dagger: no ty

dagger: it would get stale by the time it arrived

dagger: i would like some cookie dough though

.s1: i use high speed email


dagger: email me a cookie

dagger: hmm

.s1: watch this

dagger: ...


[ TestMy Live Chat: <<< dagger walks out of TestMy Live Chat. ]

.s1: Owned? I think so

.s1 :evil6:

Any other questions?

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Why ban someone when the post can simply be deleted? Sure seems like people can sure get wound up by words typed on a screen. Makes no sense to me.

Because....its not a post... its....my...chatroom...? 

For helping folks ... or just general testmy banter.

not a daycare center.



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