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[TIPS] This may help with some speed issues.

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I'n not too sure if I posting the right thread, considering that my connection speed is so slow  these days that i can barely download anything at all.

You can check my speed by looking at my signature.

Before I reformat computer my connection speed was off the roof that I can download really big files. Such as 300kps to 500kps. Now it's barely even past 30kps. My downlaod speed has decrease so much that it unbeaable. I reformatted my computer so I shouldn't have any viruses or spyware.

I also use Windows Live OneCare and Spy Terminator to remove any viruses or spyware.


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Welcome to the forum Hazuki.  :grin2:

Read and do everything you have not already, and have you scanned in safe mode?


Disk cleanup, defrag, etc....

Are you behind a router?

Have you got any new programs running that you did not before? YIM, etc...

Is there anything running in the background?

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guys.. i need help on my pldy mydsl internet connection.. i'm currently at 700+ kbps but the ISP told me that it must be 1mbs.. can some 1 help me on my problem.. i've done all the cleaning etc.. i'm using cablenut.. but no configuration is working for me..  thanks a million.. ^_^

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Problems with HughesNet s-l-o-w-i-n-g down.....I have been a HughesNet customer for over five years and up until November the speed was acceptable.  We "upgraded" modems in March of last year to HN7000S but since November we have seen a gradual decline in speed.  Complained to HughesNet Service each month and spent hours with them on the phone documenting the degraded service.  Most of the problems are identified in the diagnositics as "Uplink Queing".  The "Advanced Technical Support" engineers would do their own dianostics and apply a "fix"....but in a day or two the slow speed returns and we revert to dial up or tethering to cell phone on 2G network because it is faster than HugesNet.  I applied the suggestions about checking the computer for unknown or undetected viruses or spyware....and then took my portable to a neighor who has HughesNet where I find a significant increase in speed.  It isn't a pointing issue as my signal strenght is always above 65.  Occasionally we will have "speed bursts" and get back to the old speed we were used to ....which just frustrates us more.....because we KNOW we are able to get better service.  Yesterday the uplink speed was actually ZERO on the HughesNet tests for four of five tests.....but the technician called back an hour later to say that his tests "indicate it is within range..."  Another neighbor has Wild Blue and another neighbor has Sonic.net.  I have tried my portable on both of those systems with much better results.  I am ready to bag HughesNet because of the inconsistency of speed.......Is there anything else I should try.  I have heard about "field audits" in which you pay a tecnician to come out to the site and actually test the set up to see where the problem may be.  Signed:  Frustrated in Napa, Calif.

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