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Wired Home LAN is strange

Guest cableboy

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Guest cableboy

I am running a WIRED home LAN: One XP, One ME, One Win98.

I am running Comcast Cable connection rate 1500/256

XP and W98 are using Phine line networking; ME connect to firewall/router

I have done all Broadband Tweaks and such; no 'apparent' problems.

Speed was great on all machines until I checked a couple days ago.

XP and ME are still getting 'rated' speed of 1500/256

W98 is only getting 400 down, but 240 up.

I've run Spybot and Adaware, blah, blah.

I can't figure out why the W98 is suddenly not observing the speed limit while the other two machines are fine.

Any suggestions on what can be the problem?

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have you ever has dial-up on that machine??

when you had dial-up did you ever download anything that said "make your connection faster" ?

Most likely it has changed your reg settings and is creating a bottle neck in your connection. Try using my BroadBand patch this may correct your problem


and if that does not work check out our friends at https://www.speedguide.net ~ they offer a lot of info on the subject and also offer tools to correct your problem...

- Damon

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