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Server/Network question Looking for an IT professional


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Here is what I want to do... I have a file server that is running window 2000 pro which serves files through microsoft file sharing to 3 other computer... I want to do some load balancing so that the connection to my wired lan is alway fast and the stuff that goes to the wireless part of my lan is useable.... I have 2 nic that installed and then hooked up to a dlink router When I tired to setup this system the first nic card installed took the lead which is what I wanted it to do but then when I add the server to the wireless cilents it also used the same nic... Both nics are configured to have file/print sharing... Any ideas on this setup or software that will provide something close to what I am trying to do?

I have one more really quick question for you all.... If i cut a cat 5 cable is there a way to install a led on one of the wires and create a flashing/activity light?

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Isn't there an actual 'load balancing' service? You might have to go into the network adapters properties and in that list where TCP/IP is located, click on add. If I'm not mistaken, it should be in there. I don't have a W2K machine handy to test that though, sorry.

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