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Fun times with dsl and cable.......

Guest helloimtim

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Guest helloimtim

I have a sister who is on cable. She really is paranoid about them. Since I have messed with computer for years she seems to think I'm this super hacker that can mess with her computer at will. Sorry I have no idea how to hack. I have told her this. Well one night while chatting with me. Her son outside hiding with a cell phone he calls me. I just could not resist this. So Keep in mind neither one has a web cam. So I told her what she had on. What she was eating, drinking at the time. Even said tell your husband hello,(he just walked in the room. Now she freaks out. Unplugs her computer, Throws a blanket over the whole computer and disk. Her son is laughing so hard he drops the phone 2 or 3 times. Myself, her son, and her husband explained it was just a silly prank and explained how we did it. Ohhhhhh no. Not tim. He is a hacker he can see me. Thank goodness I know the computer repair guy. She called him to fix her computer. I called and explained. He laughed pretty hard. Told him to charge  the bill to me. He said no bill. He will run a few special "phony" tests and convince her its now impossible for me to ever do that again. God when she sees me I'm sure gonna get one good butt kicking. But we are family and no big deal. When she finds out the truth and excepts it was a prank she will  laugh hard, then kick my butt again.  :-P.......True Story.

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