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RR Getting worse..

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Over the past week Road Runner is going down hill.. I think they need to do something with there servers.. the pings and speed test that me and my friends have been getting are horrible.. If we ping a local site such as stny.com (southern tier new york) we used to get about a 4 - 10 ping now we have been getting around 80.. If I go into a game server the lowest ping I can get is 100..

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RR in my area is having the same problem. Lost connection to network 3 times, ping times about 158 going thru the datacenter routrs, and my speeds when it is working well, have dropped from 5-6 5.8 from when i first got it, to barely breaking 5 now-a-days.

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I agree that they are getting very bad. I called them the other day they said they were experiencing prouble in a lot of areas.  Has anyone looked at (oddly enough) Home pages. I have been entering the net with different pagesisp's. If I go to my AOL account I get blistering speeds +20%, but if I use Msn as my search page I drop to10 % of total available. I can run the same test on the same computer and get way different results. I am not sure if it is a random server connection but the results seem to be consistant. Everyone know that aol is owned by TW.

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