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Experts look at this for a laugh. But please elaborate :)


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OK well basically I know how cable modem works but I'm a total noob when it comes to FIOS. Now the question I have basically is can someone explain it the way I can explain how cable modem works. Basically the cable wire comes from the pole outside and is screwed into the cable modem and then the network cable is the cable that comes from the modem and plugs into the NIC card in your PC. I'm sure most of you know this but when I'm reading about FIOS I'm clueless. Whats CAT6, ONT, and what is the battery pack for? I'm so confused you guys don't even know. Will I still be using the same connection to plug into my NIC the same network cable or will it have to be bigger or something? Please someone elaborate on this a minute and make sure to laugh at me because I'm such a noob! :)

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The connection to your computer will still be a network cable.

(ONT) is the Optical Network Terminal that will be taking the Fiber Optic from the street and out will come the network cable.

CAT6 is category 6 network cable (higher quality that CAT5)

The battery backup of course enables you to be powered if the power fails.

If you need more, post.

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Here's the setup: fiber optic cable coming from the street up to your house connects to the ONT(Optical Network Terminator). The ONT breaks out the signals to data, voice and at some point there will be video. On the data side... the ONT gives you a WAN connection that plugs into the WAN connection of the router (DI-604 or DI624 wireless router). From one of the switch ports on the router, that will connect to your NIC.

Hope this helps.

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