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Nice images! what do you think?


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Plain day, overcast but not raining!

DirecWay tech tells me they are having issues, WHAT AGAIN? told them they are always having issues with there service, adn $60 a month is not worth it.... Ohh if you do get an outage, they will refund some of your monthly fee :)

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Welcome to the forum, crackster.

Yep, most times its was the worst, signal wise, either end or both.

Good luck with real broadband.

Edit: correction, geesh can not think today.

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The weather out here in Va and Md (where NOC is) sucks today. I would give irt time for the storms to pass and check again.

I know it sucks big, and I only have two more months on my contract. Adelphia is finally here :D

Don't be getting too giddy about getting Adelphia, they've got their problems too in No. VA.

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ive had things like your first picture there, after powercycling my modem everything went back to normal...

Tried that, nothing, my signal drops at the slightest cloud and does not recover.... just got off the phone with tech support and they want me to wait for another outtage, then I call and go through diags with them and they will re-tune me, if no go re-align my dish again and or point me at another bird!

Ohh I cant wait... :) lol

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Ok, tech support is really lame..... One guy told me I had to wait 30 mins for my service to return, 5 hours later or so it did, I call again and I am told I need to call when my service fails so we can change freq, which I thought was odd!

Anyway, I got up on the roof to check for alignment and obstructions, low and behold I find my LNB full of water,


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So I called tech support and explained to them the issue of water in the LNB! that guy done some diags and said I need level 2 tech support, told this guy about the water and he is sending someone out to re-point my dish!

Can anyone make sence of this?

Well when the installer gets here hes going to be changing the LNB like it or not!

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:angry5: So the Saga continues! The installer came out and said, "yes, you have water in your LNB" thanks I told you that dude.

So I said ok replace the part, he told me "I have a spare but cant use it, we are not allowed to use it. we have to call tech support and order it"/

We was on the phone some 45 minutes with some level 2 tech who just could not understand there own equipment, anyway he said he will send out the new part, well not new, USED!!!

Fedex came, but did not knock on the door and left with the part, shortly after the tech turned up and was ready to go to the roof and asked for the part, What part I replied! he told me we should have had a delivery from Fedex, I explained that I got a little note from them, but no part.

Went to get the part after 6.00pm and I opened the box because I was confused with the size of the box, guess what, WRONG PART!!!!!

So we start all over again......

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