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How to best network DW6000?


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Since I've given up on trying to share DirecWay on a P2P network, I am wondering what's the best way to setup a home network to share DWay.

I have 2 PC's (XP - host; Win98SE - client) that I'd like to setup on a wired network. I'm currently running DWay into my XP host's NIC and sharing files with the client through a Netgear USB/Ethernet adapter and crossover cable.

Can I setup a wired network to share DWay with a hub or do I need a router? I'm considering a Linksys Etherfast router. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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try to avoid a router with a DW6000 if at all possible... i got mine to work, but they take a ton of configuration, and by the time youre done, the router is basically just a switch anyway... get a hub or switch

I agree with that, I tried 3 different routers and ended up using a 16 port switch, a switch will be cheaper in the long run anyway.

Just plug your switch into the dw6000 (I hate that word) and then plug your computers into the switch, let your computers get the IP off of the dw6000 (there it is again) and all will be fine.

With the router inline I had issues like going to secure sites, it was a pain in the rear end but it sort of worked.

Keep it simple, I guess your not an experienced networker so this would be the best solution for you...

What you will need, 2 nic cards (network cards), 2 more streight through cat5e cables, one 10 or 10/100 mps switch and the cards should match..... and a little time.

You can get ready made kits, for the price I would go with a Cables Unlimited kit, comes complete with cables, cards and the hub/switch, detailed instructions and all for around $50

Try tiger direct or click this link for the details on starter kits http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/category/category_slc.asp?CatId=204& or for a kit for under $50 try this http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=241741&CatId=204

Hope this helps you...

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A switch is definitely the way to go.  I use a Netgear FR114P HW Firewall/Print server 4 port switch.  Figured the hardware firewall is a plus (I really don't like the software firewalls) and I can print to a single printer from any connected computer.  It's only $99.00.  Works very well, no performance degredation at all.

Jim P

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Seems the consensus is a switch. That's great because it's cheaper than a router, but are there security issues using a router to share the DW6000 connection when file sharing is enabled between the host and client? That was the consideration when I was thinking about a router and hardware firewall protection. Any additional thoughts on how safe I'll be using a switch to share files and a Direcway connection between my host and client pc's. Much appreciation to everyone for their comments here!  :D

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OK, with a DW6000 a switch or router will do.  Why ICS though?  Just another layer of un-needed S/W..  It is not needed at all to share a connection with the DW6000.

Jim p

Users with the DW4000 and 4020 I beleive would have to use this, they do because the old modems used to use USB as far as I can tell...... thats the only reason I can see, or someone is too cheap to buy as switch!

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