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Incompetent Verizon


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Ok, so my speed measures at 1.4 MB as it has been for a while.  But, my connection seems to suck, can't play Enemy Territory anymore and just seems shoddy.  So I call up Verizon and the lady that answers the phone says that I MUST have a virus (surprise) since my computer is sending out more information than I'm accepting.  So I make her run the line test again and it reads the same.  Simple logic would point to the fact that there is a problem with their line but they insist not.  They say that since my alarm system doesn't have a DSL filter it is "compromising" my line.  Funny how it hasn't for the last 1.5 years but it does today.  So, they want to send out a technician to put a filter outside the house and "isolate" a jack inside the house for the DSL line which they couldn't explain what that meant.  I'm planning on calling up to upgrade to the 3/768 package but are they just completely wacked or does this make sense?


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