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Maybe a stupid question but plzz answer.

Verizon User

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I have a Westell Model 2200 and am a Verizon user and since my ethernet port broke I'm connecting through the internet thorugh a USB.

I was just wonder a lot of people connect throgh a wireless router, and I was thinking of getting one, I already have the PCI card soo does that mean I have to get a new Interent Provier?

Or does it just connect after I set up the router on my comp?

Sorry I'm an amatuer :(

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I'm not really sure.

:goes to check bestbuy.com;

Here is a list form bestbuy.com:


It looks like the wired ones aren't too expensive. Mabey around $30.00

I'm sooo confused, I thought a Mini PCI Card was the same thing. So that means I have to buy a wirless router right, that will detect the fact that i'm using Verizon as my IP?

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