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Best Internet Browser

what is the best browser?  

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  1. 1. what is the best browser?

    • Internet Explorer
    • Opera
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • K-Meleon
    • Mozilla Suite
    • AOL
    • Netscape
    • Other

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its the best, all you ff and ie users should try it and put the ie skin or ff skin on it to better suit your needs. My opera looks just like firefox but runs so much faster and smoother. Its just a better browsing experience. The best feature for me is that it can zoom webpages, even be set as a default. This is key for me with my 1920 x 1200 resolution. Firefox 1.5 is nice and all but I keep going back to opera. It doesnt use as much resources as ff either.

Been there, done that.

Although Opera was good I have gotten attached to all the versatility that Firefox Extensions offer.

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And most severe 'bugs' are taken care of rather quickly.

I came across this issue last week myself, assumed it was an effect of something strange I may have done.






$ pkg info firefox
Name           : firefox
Version        : 65.0.1_1,1
Installed on   : Tue Feb 19 09:11:14 2019 EST
Origin         : www/firefox
Architecture   : FreeBSD:11:amd64


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