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Best Internet Browser


what is the best browser?  

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  1. 1. what is the best browser?

    • Internet Explorer
    • Opera
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • K-Meleon
    • Mozilla Suite
    • AOL
    • Netscape
    • Other

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I am evaluating FF right now, I have always been a die hard IE fan, but I have noticed that both of them have their good and bad points.  So far I haven't had any trouble with Spyware or Viruses from either one of them.  So I say go for which ever one you like, neither of them have a real WOW factor that sets them apart anyways.  I mean tabbed browsing for FF, and ActiveX for IE, big frigging deal.  They both do the same thing, they find and display webpages.

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u searched for that before probably..  :roll: .. cuz searches get saved.. i know an extension that previews google searches and how many results they would return for FF :D

NA' I dont think so' i never look for porn and i reformatted my computer and wiped my drive clean'  there were no traces of anything on my computer at all' lol' so much for that.

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You need to make some adjustments to the poll.

IE and Maxthon are the same thing.  Maxthon is a skin for IE.

You're missing Mozilla.  Netscape, FireFox and Mozilla are all basically the same thing, all built on the Gecko engine.  But of course, since Netscape is now owned by AOL, Mozilla won't have anything more to do with it.  Netscape is supposed to die soon as AOL has said they won't be updating it again, so I believe Netscape 8 will be the last.

As far as I know, there are really only four for WinBlows;  IE variants, Gecko variants, Linux variants and Opera [which may also be Gecko] .  Not sure what K-Mellon is built on, never heard of it.

Never used Mac, so I don't know what their browsers are.

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