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astound.net 1500/256 they can't get it fixed slow speeds

Guest David

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Guest David

Damon and friends My cable company is small they sell lousy slow cable and pretty good cable tv. The problem is they serve sanfrancisco and Stcloud minn and their servers were in texas serving both san fran and stcloud from texas so I put up with that for a while. Now the servers are here in st cloud and areas unpredictable as saddam the D-head. Up one day and down the next. Go here if you want to see my post's http://www.dslreports.com/tracker/737864?p=1&cat=within I have a fast p4 northwood I think a 56k modem would be as fast on some day as I test upstream and dow daily.her was a typical two day test.2003-03-10 23:27:46 Speed test (la) 508/32 kbps

2003-03-10 23:10:27 Speed test (ec) 411/19 kbps

2003-03-10 13:41:39 Speed test (msp.speakeasy.net) 476/31 kbps astound

slow return service

2003-03-10 13:25:33 Speed test (ec) 527/32 kbps

2003-03-10 13:08:08 Speed test (msp.speakeasy.net) 515/12 kbps the

grench who stole broadband

2003-03-10 01:25:48 Speed test (ec) 845/18 kbps

2003-03-10 01:20:11 Speed test (la) 719/17 kbps

2003-03-09 01:25:49 Speed test (ec) 1472/241 kbps

2003-03-09 01:24:10 Speed test (la) 1302/242 kbps

2003-03-09 01:21:18 Speed test (chi.speakeasy.net) 854/241 kbps chicago

round trip

2003-03-09 01:17:22 Speed test (msp.speakeasy.net) 1513/232 kbps

I am sick of logging on servers close to me and they think my ping is so high they say no dail up modems before I have had a chance to play. Help If you can I have be posting at dsl reports on the slow speeds they have stopped posting my comments. I can't imagine dsl reports caving in to astound.net I am not the only mad person, look on google on astound.net complaints. Thanks much for a look!

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I don't know what to tell you man.. it sounds like this is a problem you yourself can't solve... you need your cable provider to get off their asses and fix whatever is wrong with their network. What it sounds like to me is that your cable company is being lazy... prob playing your game.. taking up your bandwidth... so you can't play ~~ "counter terrorists WIN" -- "yes, mi lord" haha, I would switch providers if possible.. :lol:

:cry: This is most likely the only time I will say this... since I work for a cable company and all ~~ you might want to get DSL... OUCH I SAID IT... oooohhhh...

Good luck man!

- Damon

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