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Optical Camouflage - Invisible man cloaked - WHAT! FOR REAL!


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If you guys want to trip out.. here is something that should help.  :shock:

Optical Camouflage / active camouflage-- These crazy Japanese people and their bad ass inventions, this is not a hoax or fake in any way, just absolutely amazing in every way.  I would have thought they would have kept this very quite for military use... but EHHH  :roll:

CNN has a little on it

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That is awesome!! So many uses.. Just think you could have an invisible tank roll down the street and only hear the sound yet not be able to see it... That would be so cool... I know that this is basic but with some more advancements it could happen...

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Or...or... You could wear it' date=' and walk into some really hot girl's bathroom when she's taking a showe.....[/quote']

But how do you get in? You'd still have to open doors, and they can still hear you.

Would be cool though 8)

*Steals ice's jacket*

Go get another :D

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Dude terrorist can get anything they want... :( All you need is a mole inside the company that manufactures the product and boom you have it available on the black market in third world countries... For every good there is always a bad use for it...

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If you look at how it works ( http://projects.star.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp:/projects/MEDIA/xv/Brochure-e.pdf ) you will see that the only practical use in the military would be like.... hiding tanks and munitions --- a soldier on the move could not use it :)

Tnx i didnt read that part before :)

But there is always a risk that terrorists can hide hevy armor and so on :(


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