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Help With Upload Speed

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ok i helped a friend because he lost all of his files wen his computer crashed, so i helped him get almost 16 gigs back within a week.  It was over AIM trasnfers.  Since then its been about a month and my uplaod speed on AOL, and AIM is incredibly slow its like half of what it was.  I treid doing an AOL clean up with my personal storage space, upload speed is the same.  I did a virus scan, Ad-Aware scan, Diskc Cleanups and Disk Defraags.  My upload speed is still the same.  I have a cable modem (optimum Online).  how do i get my uplaod speed back to normal again??...i have no idea what to do or where to look

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this is what i got....

One star =( and

Your connection is: 128 Kbps      (about 0.1 Mbps)

You uploaded at: 16 kB/s

Your TRuSPEED: ^info^ 137 Kbps :: 17 kB/s (7% overhead factored)

Bottom Line: You are running: 2 times faster than 56K and can upload 1 megabyte in 64 second(s) 

Diagnosis: May need help : running at only 56.14 % of your hosts average (aol.com) 

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it should be alot higher, it was like almost as fast as my Download speed...it wasn enver ever this slow....it says my Download speed is amazing...it says i should be smiling lol....cablenut, no never heard of that, im using a terayon cable modem, and im using optimum online high speed connection

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what does that all mean ?

1. Your Tweakable Settings:

Receive Window (RWIN):  65535

Window Scaling:  off

Path MTU Discovery:  ON

RFC1323 Window Scaling:  OFF

RFC1323 Time Stamping:  OFF

Selective Acks:  ON

MSS requested:  1460

TTL:  unknown

TTL remaining:  115

2. Test 146000 byte download

Actual data bytes sent: 146000

Actual data packets: 100

Max packet sent (MTU): 1500

Max packet recd (MTU): 1500

Retransmitted data packets: 0

sacks you sent: 0

pushed data pkts: 5

data transmit time: 0.211 secs

our max idletime: 86.5 ms

transfer rate: 241224 bytes/sec

transfer rate: 1929 kbits/sec

This is not a speed test!

transfer efficiency: 100%

3. ICMP (ping) check

Target unpingable

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