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Laptop or Desktop


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i have a powerfull laptop pentium4  3.4GHz - 1G ram - 60G hd 7200rpm (i can add another one) - 256Mb graphics - gigabit - bluethoot alll that stuff dvd-/+ burner

but this comes to a price of Weight and not a not such a long battery life

i move once in a while, so i need a laptop, but because i love games and cant be asked to wait for a dang pc to do anything i need the power of a desktop.

if i had lots of money HEHE, i would have a laptop to play with it upgrading and cause its cheaper to get it more powerfdull then a laptop and have a laptop but a laptop i would go for a centrino, small 10" screen something like that

a sony the ultra slim ones 505 i think they are.

but thats not for the moment

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I know i'd die without my laptops ehh. I'm a Systems admin for AT&T cell phone/communications division, and a laptop is a must. Although in response to my own post about being in the market for a desktop thats no longer true  :D I just ordered me a sweet Desktop from gateway should get it on the 21st very happy about that.  :evil6:

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for gaming I think a good desk top is the way to go but as a system admin for a wireless ISP I would be screwed without a laptop

but I would like to know what you think of your new gateway after about 6 months I have a older gateway well it use to be now it doesnt know what it is the only thing factory in the box is the motherboard I had nothing but trouble with it like I said it is a older one but I got it new it came with 98se so that gives you a idea how old it is but not 2 weeks after I got it I was playing a old dos game and tring to exit back to windows URRR lets just say it stayed in dos I called tech support they gave me the comand line to get it to return to windows and that happened more than once.At one point after the warrenty ran out I stopped at the gateway store to by memory to do a upgrade they treated me like I didnt know what I was doing and wouldnt sell a stick of memory so across the road to comp usa bought my memory. The other thing was when I ordered it they talked me into a upgrade from a 300 mhz pentium to a 366 celeron (like I said older lol) my old 100 mhz P1 was as fast as the 366 celeron.Never buy CELERON

was the leason learned there but now with a 500 Pentium a bios that has been reburned and a few other upgrades it makes a great in house ftp server but that was a long time ago I bought it so I would hope the new ones are better. I built my last from scratch about a year and a half ago. It is only a AMD Athlon 2400+ over clocked to a 2800+ it runs 24/7 and no problems

I hope your new gateway treats ya good

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