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Try going to the command prompt and pinging the dhcp server.

command to use:


If this comes back with something like the following:

reply from bytes 32...........

then your machine can see the dhcp server.  If it times out, then your connection to the modem not there. 

If it timed out, set the speed and duplex of your realtek card to 10mb half duplex then release all then renew all with ipconfig .

Are you running multiple connections on the machine?  I noticed that the local area connection was labeled local area connection 2.

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Thanks for the reply cak46.  I used the System Restore to a date when it all worked and guess what! It worked fine again!  I'm guessing it was a microsoft update that caused the problem since it was only after an update that it all went tits up!

In answer to your question: No. I'm only running the one connection (Eternet to a Cable modem (NTL-ISP)). There is another existing connection on this machine from its previous owner (a BTopenworld dialup connection). I have disabled it but didn't dare delete it whilst things were not working properly.

I have to say that i'm a little concerned as to where to go from here though as i'm obviously anxious about installing re-installing the microsoft updates and since I don't know specifically which one it was that caused the problem any others. However I can't NEVER update my system software again can I? Suggestions?

Thanks again for your reply.



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Thats great!  With the updates, I would suggest doing just one update file at a time, saving a restore point prior to each update file installation, then reboot to see if all goes well with that particular update file.  If it mucks it up, you can restore from the prior point.  Deleting the dialup network connection should not bother the op sys.  You could forego updating the operating system.  The downside to this is that there are security holes (many of them) in the Windows operating system which could expose your system to assorted problems (viruses, hackers, etc.) from the Net.  If you run anti-virus  and firewall software with the most recent updates, you are better protected.  I would suggest doing the security updates but prior to doing the XP sp2 update, it would be a good idea to research if there have bveen problems with your isp and xp Service Pack2.

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Thanks again cak46. It would appear great minds think alike! I have done exactly as you suggested (created a System Restore point and then installed each update seperately and restarted my machine). Having done so, curiously, everything seems to be working fine! (except NTL havent yet upgraded my connection to a 1Meg connection, but thats another story!).

Thanks again mate,



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