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Major Problem with windows


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My sisters computer recently started being weird starting up.  When i press the button to turn it on, it brings up the compaq logo and whatnot and then brings up the Windows XP loading screen (u know..the windows flag and the little meter that moves).  Normally, it would stay on this load screen for like ~10-20 seconds before bringing the welcome screen.  Now, it just stays on that load screen literally forever; it stayed on it for 10+ minutes as it moved the little loading thingy.  So i figured maybe if i just restart it will work, but it didnt start up.

So i restarted and loaded it with safe mode; it started this way, all my stuff was still there, but i noticed a new icon...WEATHERBUG...the horror....so i uninstalled it and then, ran adaware and spybot, they didnt find anything but cookies

So i figured it was probably weatherbugs fault that the comp was being weird, but after restarting, it still would not start.

So i come here, to the computer gurus @ testmy.net, wonder if theres any way to get it to work without having to reformat and install all the drivers and software and everything (its a pain in the ass..)

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also possibly a bad hard drive...boot up in DoS if possible (win98 startup floppy is still the cats' ass) & do a scandisk; otherwise it is probably a boot sector issue that was mentioned by the other posters.

hope this helps-


I believe it will only work on a fat32 partition for XP.  No go for the NTFS file system......

Have you run anti-virus scan on it?  Didn't see it in your post....

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