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Question on Pre Laying Cable.


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I am scheduled to have Verizon install 15/2 Fios service at the beginning of May. I have already installed a 2ft by 4 ft piece of plywood on my basement wall on the opposite side from where my existing Verizon phone service comes in. I would like to prelay some cable from the plywood up to the second floor of my house where my computers are. I have a 100ft package of cable I bought at Home Depot. It is cat 5e from general cable(says Gigabit speed rated) , 4 pair, 24 gauge indoor/outdoor rated. This cable has no connectors on it, I assume Verizon will crimp connectors to this cable for me. Any comments on this cable or if possibly I should run cat6 instead? I have not run the cable yet and it is easier for me to run the cable with no connectors on it. I noticed from some reasearch on Fios installs that the cable Verizon provides

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well when techs call me with prblems they usuallly tell me that they made the cable and crimped it themselves then tested it. so if u have cable already they may pop endson it for you if u lay it already and then test it to make sure it works so long as u dont penetrate the wire when u lay it or crimp it to much to where the wires inside would break you should be fine. if there ARE problems the tech may have to redo the wiring themselves to ensure that there wont be problems later.  the wire they use is Cat5e.

hope that helps and as always. Thank you for choosing Verion. hehe

sorry force of habit.


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