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Hey all,

I'm a bit of an adsl hardware noob, so have a question about extending the line between the adsl modem and the wall socket. I've always understood that the shorter the cable, the faster the data transfer. Then I thought about it. If the signals travelled hundreds of miles to the servive station, then a fair way to my street, then into my house through god only knows what grade cable, does  the last few feet really matter? If so, how? I only ask 'cause I was going to buy a 'high speed' broadband cable today  (until I sort my network out and get a combined modem/router) then thought twice about it.

Can anyone shed a little light for me?

Nice one  ;)

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with DSL, your ISP can only be a couple miles away from you, or your speed will be seriously affected... normally, performance would decrease when you added wire only if it was low quality or it went past other electrical devices

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