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yup i tried it..flip'n the scroll box and i choose image recorder {dvd} and click DVD VIDEO FILES.,and then i browse the shrimked dvd movies..then click ok... then next... when i click the "burn" icon... something pop-ups... before it can burn "save image file"  ....then when i click ok..it will burn... and nothing happens aftter a few minutes.

when i check the disc.. it has already burned something with a WINAMP icon..when i click the properties its audio...and nothing is there...

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No, you need to flip the box down to your actual DVD Burner, NOT the image recorder, it is a virtual burner to make disk images with (*.nrg, *.iso).

Also, I have no idea what the mystery winamp icon and audio is that appears to be burnt to your disk but you obviously have something mixed up with which disk drive is which or something.

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I use the DVD Decrytpter To rip the movie to the HHD. It is very easy to use. Then I open DVD Shrink go to open files button and select the title where is stored. Make sure Full Disc is lit. After that it is your option to copy the whole disc or re-author it. I re-author personally because it makes more room for the movie. I don't need the extras. After you have done this hit Back Up.Now a box will come up with tabs for the burning process. Let me back up a little goto edit pick preferences and go through the tabs there to the File I/O and make sure enable Nero is checked. Now it should burn without opening Nero. Use help at the top and go step by step.

You can save a lot of ware and tare on you HD by using DVD Decrypter first.

www.doom9.org is a good place to learn how to use these two

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Actually DVD Shrink uses parts of Nero to burn to disk, it cant burn if you dont already have the correct version of Nero installed.

If his version of Nero cant burn by itself then DVD Shrink wont be able to use it either.

Also the combination of DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink require 12-16GB of HDD space for the exact same process that can be done with DVD Shrink alone and only requires 4-8GB of HDD space.

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i got a software...but i think it doesnt shrink the dvd' movies..thats why i downloded,what pitbull did.

yes you can shrink (compress) file. if you still havent figure it out yet just message me again and ill help you.

its been 2-3 months since i have burn a dvd so i might have forgotten how to use the programs  but ill figure it out.

ill just do a step by step thing with pics once i figure it out

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