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Who is the best of the best?

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You seem to be fairly constant with only a few kbs difference... Who in the hell has a 256kbs download?? I have never hear of such a connection...

Chello offers quite a lot of different download/upload connections, the lowest is 128/64.

They exist. :roll:

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The main reason I got this dsl package is because it was cheap,I guess... at $24.00,I can trust that they'll have a good connection sense bellsouth services is only available in tha south... and also this is our phone company. And the way I see it I'm getting better speeds than ISDN and Dail-Up... So I consider this to be great if you've had Dail-Up for 3-years :mrgreen:

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that really sucks... Why would you get that?? it is just bairly better that dialup... What is the price on something like that?

9,99 euros for the first 3 months, and 14,99 afterwards. It's pretty cheap compared to spending a lot of time on the internet with dial-up.

And you don't have to tweak, because standard settings of Win98 and WinXP can handle those speeds. :roll:

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