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Can I get faster?

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I'm trying to use my cable modem for Xbox live. What can I do to upgrade my modem to be extremly fast for online play? Oh, and by the way, give it to me simple, I don't understand most of this stuff.

-A dummy-

My current d/u is 2846/238. i'd like to make a server that can have up to 16 players with no lag. I've been on other servers where the host is running 16 players with cable modem (same as mine). Any suggestions?

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There's a very good chance your download/upload is fast enough already to handle the xbox' online gaming. I don't see how you can improve the speed, when there's nothing obvious to tweak. Unless the Xbox has a few options itself, which I doubt.

Why do you want to be extremely fast?

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If I remember correctly xbox live is hosted on servers.. unlike xbconnect... Which means that if the server is under load and the bandwidth is being sucked up then everyone is running slow... My guess is that it isnt you but the server on the other end... The only suggestion is to get into games with low ping numbers and hope for the best... Post you advertized speed and we can let you know if you have the right stuff to play... I can play with my 4300/256 connection really well... Bairly any lag..

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:::.. Upload Stats ..:::

Connection is: 347 Kbps about 0.3 Mbps (tested with 97 KB)

Upload Speed is: 42 KB/sec

Tested From:: http://www.testmy.net/

Bottom Line: 6 times faster than 56K you can upload 1MB in 24.38 second(s)

Validation Link :: https://testmy.net/cgi-bin/get.cgi?Test_ID=OKSOO7LXV

those are my results i am experiencing the same xbox live problem i absolutely CANT play because i lag too much and i can only host games with 4 people and i am using a high speed cable modem. any suggestions?

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ok the requirement for xbox live are... I am almost positive that the requirements are 256kbs upload and atleast 512kbs download... I dont understand what is going on with your connection... The only thing that I can recommend is to check out the faq on xbox.com http://www.xbox.com/en-US/support/live/default.htm That should take you to the connection faq... read about that stuff... If that doesnt work what kind of network setup do you currently have?? If your router doesnt support xbox live you could be out of luck...maybe... There might be a firmware update that will allow you to connect... Have you ever been able to play??

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so you cant play at all?? If you are trying to host a 16 player game good luck... you are going to need atleast 256kbs upload for every player.... So close to 4mbs upload... The people who tell you that you can host a 14 or 16 player game on a 350kbs upload line are full of shit.... there isnt enough bandwidth in the upstream.... The only way that you can do it is to get a t3 line which run at either 15mbs or 45mbs.... o yea it is $10,000 per month.... If you cant join a game then that is a different story... I just re-read your original post and it is talking about hosting a huge muitplayer game... There are very few people who can actually host a game on a residential service... Most of the time they are hosting on a college campus which has really fast upload/download speeds.... You figure you have 20000+ people on a network you are going to need some serious bandwidth to feed everyones wants and wishes... The sad part is that hardly anyone uses the upload... So when you have tons of download you are going to have all sorts of upload just sitting around... Bingo you have a line that can host 14 or 16 players... with out breaking a sweat...

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Ok i did some research into xbox live and what you are going to need to host a 16 player game...


Originally Posted by The Rob

I'm gonna switch from a 1mb down 160k up dsl connection to a cable 4.1mb down and 800kb up connection.

Now, my question is will I be able to host 16 player xbox games or 16 player pc games lag free? (pc games like unreal 2004 let's say)

Will you be able to always host games lag-free? No. It's the Internet. There's a lot of variables outside of the link between you and your ISP.

Does your ISP even guarantee that the connection will always be over that certain speed they quoted you?

What about other players in the game? If a player in your session has a slow cable/dsl connection (and many do!), then it's likely they're going to be skipping around the 3D world in your "lag-free environment."

There are other local factors to consider. If you are on a shared pipe with your neighbors and the kid next door is serving up pirated copies of popular movies on P2P, your connection's going to feel it.

Ultimately, it sounds like you'll have a great network connection and things should go extremely well for you most of the time. However, anyone making guarantees of lag-free gaming is not being entirely truthful.


That just referenced a dude with a 4000/800 connection... I did however read about some one with a 600 upload playing Counter Strike with no/minimal lag on a home setup... I cant tell you that upgrading your current connection will help anything improve... Try hosting a 6 or 8 player game... You should have the upload for that.

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If you are having problems connecting you might be experiencing server issues on the other end... I will check and see if they were doing maintaince to day but I am doubting it... When I use to play it would find that the morning had more empty servers and the games were better... Try and see if late at night or early in the morning is better..

Here is what the network status is:

Xbox Live is up and running.

Users playing EA's NCAA Football 2005 may experience Friends List issues.

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It's good to power cycle your modem once in a week. I don't know how the Xbox handles internet, but what you claim is that it clogs up after a while. It's possible, in the way that anything's possible from Microsoft :evil:

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As a online gamer yes they upload is everthing on hosting games. The biggest thing to remember is each game requires a different amount of bandwith per player.

Plus when hosting the server will only run as fast as the slowest connection.

Take for example IL2 Forgotten battles requires 8.8 kb upload per player

with a upload of 404 I can host 32 players with my connection.

But due to lower Ram in my machine I only can host 24 without lag.

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