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Hong Kong: 1Gbps Has Arrived


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Hong Kong: 1Gbps Has Arrived

New residential service launched

Converge reports that Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN) has officially launched its 1Gbps symmetric service for the residential market. Currently there are approximately 800,000 households, out of a total of 2.2 million households in Hong Kong, which are wired to receive the service. The cost of the 1Gbps symmetric service is priced at $215 (US dollars) per month.

HKBN Premium bb1000 service is being offered on the same metro Ethernet infrastructure that delivers the company's Mass Market bb100 (symmetric 100 Mbps for US$34/month) and Entry Point bb10 (symmetric 10 Mbps for US$16/month) services

HKBN is installing more than 10,000 Cisco Catalyst LAN switches and more than 800 Cisco routers in buildings throughout Hong Kong

fucking hell guys!

sorry for swearing but just to think i was in hongkong about 2 weeks ago and i didnt look out for fiber underneath where i was walking NOOOOOOOOOOO

i should have gone to a cyber cafe and made a speed check hehe

man asia is evolving fast guys, japan korea now hong kong, taiwan soon, main land china soon (years)

USA and north of europe u guys better start investing so money.

ho i wish i was still living in that side of the country

100mb is not expensive at all BUAAAAAAAAAAA i want more then 2mb i got atm BUAAAAAAAAA

who wants a faster connection?

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