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I Can't Get Broadband!!


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Hi Guys,

New to the forum here.

I'm living in Ireland and am trying to get Broadband.It is available in my town and everyone seems to have it, even the people in my appartment block, but I just can't get it.I've done the online test at http://www.eircom.ie/ and it says my line fails.It's really annoying me because I want broadband more then anything.I called my company (Eircom) and they said that the line may not be failing and then told me to call back in five days and they will let me know.I'm certain that it's gonna fail tho because I've done the tester with all the other appartment phone numbers here and they all pass.If my line fails, is there anything at all I can do to get Broadband? (Besides moving).

Sorry for ranting on my first post but it's really bugging me.

Edd :roll:

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The five day window??

Sorry but I'm a little confused here!...Do you mean that yellow tag they have put on out phone line from the pole??

I'll explain a little about things.See, we moved in here a year and a half ago.The phonelines here are all ran underground.But whoever lived here before us made a real mess of things and pulled the wires and stuff so the phone company had to run a line from a pole especially for this appartment to get a phone in.It's basically a new phone line but I'd say you are right when you said about a possible wiring problem as there were those problems to begin with, hence them running a line from the poll across the street.

I have to phone Eircom back in 3-5 days and they will let me know, but I'm not holding out much hope tho.I'll prbably have to keep going with this crappy Dial-Up connection. :angry5:

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a wireless router or running an ethernet cable to your apt..  The other thing that could be happening is that the new line isnt registered with the phone company.. that is a special line because the other one was worn... I would let the teleco do their thing and just keep bothering them..  Do you have cable internet access out there?

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Edward : Since others in your building can get a good connection it has to be the phone line itself.I don't know if the line you have is the phone companies responsibilty to maintain or the apartment owners.It doesn't sound like it would meet the building code so if it is not replaced you might check with local authorities on this.There is really no excuse for you having a completely different kind of line than the others in you apartment you do pay the same rent don't you?

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The phone company took up the shores outside when we first moved in, to try and resolve the underground line but they couldn't get to it.They even tried to trace it and couldn't find it to fix it, so they ran a line instead for us.What I don't get is how they used the wires that were already here in the appartment once they had the line ran across the road.Surely if there was something wrong with the underground ones there would be something wrong with the ones inside the house!!

It's all very confusing.I'm gonna ring up this morning ask if the line results are back and if they are and the line fails for sure I'm gonna ask them to run a new line for us or ask them what I can do to get Broadband.

The last time we had to wait months after moving in here because we had to go to the local council and apply for permission to run the line so whatever Eircom suggests I could be waiting for months again. :icon_pale:


I've just called the phone company and they told me that the line hasn't been tested yet.The woman on the phone sent an Email off while I was on hold asking them to hurry it up and then told me to call back in two weeks.She also said that I would be wasting my time calling in between those two weeks so I'll just leave it there.She also said that the reason the online test is failing is because the line hasn't been checked properly by them, so here's hoping.Cross your fingers for me guys!!!

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Edward: I don't know how they do it in Ireland either some different i suppose.I am putting in a link to another topic I posted.It might not be any use to you but it could.You have to have the Hyperterminal program in your OS.If you have

Windows it should be there.Even if this test doesn't work for you a simular one might be available to you from your phone company.It is something to try while you are waiting for them to check it.If you can't find your Hyperterminal program I will try to help you do it.


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