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thank god for internet


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just like 15 mins ago my wife's ex (i know its him) called asking for her. dumb ass didnt  block number so it wont show on caller id.. i went to phone directory so it can show the address. and i got it. i've been looking for that f*cker for 4 years. he RAM my 02 eclipse with my wife in the car (back than she was my girlfriend), and also scraped my thigh with the minivan he was driving (tried to run me over)  :angry5: :angry5: :angry5: :angry5:

cant wait for my wife to get home. dude said he was going to call back (he didnt recognize my voice). if he doesnt call, at least i know where he called from  :evil1:

and this is the site i use to look up address  http://www.reversephonedirectory.com/

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If someone has a publicly listed number you can also just type the number in Goolge and it will give you their address. I'm not sure if it works for buisness' numbers yet.

I tried the google but didn't work  but I know that www.whitepages.com works I tried before I can even pull my hole street phone number kinda neat ! :icon_salut:

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Guest helloimtim

Normally I try to stay silent about this stuff but time to let my fingers do the talking. Yea pitbull been there done that. Dont do something silly you will pay for the rest of your life. Find out ALL the facts before makeing a choice. Bottom line how crazy will it make you if you go to jail with him and her still on the outside. My friend. There are TONS of ways to get even with out you or anyone going to jail. Every road has a curve. Just bide your time. Come up with a great plan. When least expected spring your surprise. Want an evil exampe I did? She finally came clean about messing around. 2 weeks later a female friend called her, told her of our "affair" and her and who ever may want to get an hiv test cause she just found out she may have it and condoms were never used. Of course false statements. But thoes 2 sweat bullets for 6 months. God Im evil. Dont get mad my friend get even...........later

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Lots of ways to f**k somebody up without getting caught.

Take this for example.

My wifes EX is a harrassing stalking bastard, he has put her through hell during there marriage and gave hell with the kids (he has custody) during the divorce. He even forged her name on bank papers after they were seperated and left bad credit on her (he is a very good forger) He also harrassed us after we got married, :angry5: I was smart and never laid a hand on him......... :-|.....

Last I heard the authorities were investigating him for credit card fraud, ordering $1000s worth of merchandise from catalogs (paper order form, no prints left behind, postmarked from another state) with a stolen credit card number from the web.................  :roll:

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