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Having trouble optimizing my internet.


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I'm using Sprint, who uses Earthlink.  My speed is supposed to be 3 Megs per second transfer speed.  I've tried many speed tests and Sprint's test tells me i'm operating at 1.7 at the highest.  Other test, and my personal experience by downloading things from the net tell me I'm running at 300kbps at the highest, but my average speed is between one and two hundred.  I've tried what was suggested at speedguide.net but that doesn't work.  Any information you need to help me out just make a list and I will provide info.  I am much appreciative of any and all efforts.  We can discuss gratuity in private.

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Which Windows are you running?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>WinXP xp2

What type of system are you running (hardware)?>>>>>>>>>>>>>was Gateway, i've done some upgrades but not to networking components. Network drivers are up to date (Intel).

What is your advertised upload?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>1.5Mbps Sprint considers acceptable mimimum for either direction, but I do not

Are you using a router?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Netgear.  Trust me it ain't the router.  I'm not a "complete" fool ^_^ but thanx for asking ^_^

Now, Sprint is sending me a new modem, which I will hope to fix some speed.  If that doesn't work there are some extremely minor line errors that may require a technician to come repair, but it is so minor that they don't think that is the problem.  I've heard about a program called "Cable Nut" or "Cable Net", i'm not sure which, that someone was telling me did a world of difference for him.  Ever heard of it?

So what do you think the problem could be?

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