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Blank DVD type for burning movies

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Guest PeePs

I was just wondering if one blank DVD type is better than the other, DVD-R or DVD+R, or are they basically equally good for burning movies that are compatible with most DVD players.

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i recommend using dvd-r. more dvd players read dvd-r than dvd+r  :D

Actually most Lite-On drives can "bit-set" a DVD+R disk so a player thinks it is a pressed DVD, in my opinion these are even more compatible than non bit-set DVD-Rs.

Currently you have to look around a bit to find a DVD player that is so old that it has problems with DVD+R disks, the compatability issue has been worked out of most modern players.

DVD+Rs are better to store data as they can hold around 50MB more, also a DVD+RW is 10 times faster to format than a DVD-RW..

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