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Extremely low download speed problem

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Guest helloimtim

Try this. Download a free program called netmeter. Its free. http://readerror.gmxhome.de/  . Now run the meter. Shut down your browser and anything else that may want or need to be on the net. Watch the meter see if you have any strange things wanting to leave your computer or come in. If your getting stuff leaving and or comming in with no explanation then you may have virus and or spyware problems. Use dr.tcp set everything back to default. Turn off your computer and unplug your modum. Wait about 2 min plug in the modum. Wait 2 more min then turn on your computer. From everything I have seen im betting you got a nasty or 2 running on your computer. These guys may shoot me but I am telling you. Check for virus and or spyware issues first then use tweak as a last resort. I would be willing to bet more than 75 percent of connection issues can be traced back to some nasty hiding on your computer.

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