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Cable In INDIA . is it really like this outside?

Guest elliot1234

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Guest elliot1234


im in India and have really sucky net

well im on somekinda lan and i connect to internet thru a gateway

well this is probably getting me problems in downloading torrents.

can anyone help.

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well there is a easy way out. juz call ur isp and get ur ports opened (most likely 6881-6999). . india must be be most backward in terms of speed. the max available is 512kbps . and there is a catch in every package.

        the common catch is the speed . i.e the most standard speed 64 kbps is actually 64kbps dwnld speed . 64kbps= 48kbps dwnld +16kbps upload.

    and the quality of service is so gud that i dont hav net conn for atleast 5 days a month.

    thn adding to my woes . there is juz 1 operator in my locality. i.e a MONOPOLY ,  so i cannot even argue with him . i pay Rs 800 ($18.18) for a 64kbps connection.

a rainy day and my net goes berserk for 2-3 days. neways the government of AP proposed a hi-speed broadband (around 10mbps) each connection to be finished by feb 2006. but who trusts the government. the project may be scraped mid-way.

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