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questions about a new mouse i bought


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i just bought a Logitech MX 1000 Laser Cordless Mouse with Rechargable Battery. the thing kicks ass, way better than the cheap, plastic, crappy Gateway mouse with a short-ass cord and a dust-magnet ball i got with my crappy PC like 3-4 years ago (thats right, i skipped the optical generation of mice entirely; straight from ball to laser). however, ive got a couple questions regarding the extra buttons its got. (tilt wheel, "cruise control," application switch, and forward/back buttons)

1. in games, such as MOHAAS, the extra buttons with not be recognized for some reason. why not? having a few extra buttons would be really nice when blasting nazis.

2. apparently, if i dont have Logitech's mouse settings program up at all times, all of the new buttons wont work. whats with that? any way to fix it?

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1. The drivers are do not include those buttons as "Game compatible".

2. I had same problem never found out a way to fix it. Took the mouse back and got a micro$oft laser mouse. Just a little note, Logitech drivers are notoriously shitty. They cause all type of problems and are not well programmed at all. Like the mouse settings program having to be up at all times.

Personally i would return it and get a different brand.

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is there any way to make it game compatible?

not gonna return it; i tried out both the intellimouse and the mx 1000 before i made a decision as to which and i just really dont like the intellimouse that much. its just not heavy enough, nor is the shape as nice on my hand. its not recharable and the only way to tell if the batteries are low on the intellimouse is when it starts lagging or just turns off. not good when youre in the middle of a game and the mouse just craps out on you as you frantically search for batteries. it doesnt have cruise control or application switch, either. the only thing microsoft has ever done better imo is make their mouse wheel smoother.

ill just try contacting logitech about it, but i dont play games that much anymore and the logitech settings thing doesnt take up many resources, so the problems with it are not that bad, just would be nice if they could be fixed.

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Does the mouse setup have any application specific settings? Or does the game have any mouse settings? Some games might not be compatible with all mice. I don't play PC games much, so that's all I can think of.

I have a Kensington Pilot Mouse Optical Wireless. It works very good as long as I keep it within range. The batteries seem to last only about 3 weeks, but I use rechargeable batteries which for some reason aren't as powerful. Also my mouse doesn't tell me when the battery it low until it's almost too late. But other than that I love this mouse,

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no application specific settings that i know of, and ive been looking.

i was considering getting the kensington and saving the money, but i decided that i didnt like it as much because it wasnt as radical a change as i would have wanted from the old ball-and-chain mouse i had. (btw, does your mouse go idle after like 10 seconds of inactivity? mine does. saves power and comes back on instantly. also, does that one have an on-off switch? i didnt take a close enough look at it in the store.)

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