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nortons ghost 9

Guest helloimtim

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Guest helloimtim

Let me say I HATE HATE HATE nortons anti virus and security. Thoes are nasty programs and no one should use them. DId i mention. I HATE thoes products? With that in mind I tried nortons ghost 9.0. I run xp  on my master and 2000 on my slave. This is one killer program. Messing around I made both 2000 and xp unbootable on purpose. With the image saved to my harddrive I booted with nortons cd. Not only did it load both 2000 and Xp, both worked perfect. I normaly dont rant about programs but this is really really good. If your looking for a good back up program I really can not recomend this one enough.

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I haven't yet used Norton Ghost myself but I must admit I have heard only good things about this product from a diversity of users and i gotta say it sounds good to me too.  Well at least they make one good program  :-P;)

I am willing to try it for myself soon as I download a working rip of it to go along with my hardly used version 2005 of Norton AntiVirus but I think we already know how I feel about their AV and Norton Internet (In)Security  ...  :lol: Thx for the review. Now to go download it in full.  :evil6: 

And helloimtim I got to agree  with your statement, "Let me say I HATE HATE HATE nortons anti virus and security."  :haha:  :lol:  :icon_thumright:

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