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Torrents with Dway?


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I'm downloading something and it uses a torrnet, but it is going outrageously slowly (5KBs max, half the time no dl at all). I have tweaked my connectino before with LCCU and TCP Optimizer. I also have done the basics tweaks for torrents (that I know of), like port forwarding and changing the default ports, The torrents are well seeded too, and I have tried a few different clients (BT, BitComet, Azureus). Once I got speeds of about 30-40KBs for about two minutes, but that has been by far the fastest I have seen, Is there something I can do to change this, or is it DWay itself?

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I think torrents usually depend on the upload speed of another person's computer. Someone that has that file you are downloading. So whatever their upload speed is is what your download speed will be for downloading that file. Do not use the LCCU. It will only make things slower.

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Could be that all the seeders have too many peers to deal with and the swarm's overall speed is just really low.  It happens with me and I have cable, it just all depends on who is sharing and how much.  Also, you usually want to keep you upload at about 80 percent of your maximum advertised download speed, otherwise, if you are uploading at full force, your download will be even slower.  Because when you download, you also have to upload the acknowledgment that you've successfully gotten a certain packet from someone, so if you are uploading at the max, you're computer can't send these acknowledgments, so, in turn, you download slower.

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