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Finally Ordered Laptop--Tell me what u think

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  1 221-7304 Inspiron 9300,Pentium M 730 (1.60GHz/533MHz FSB)

  1 320-4177 17 inch UltraSharp Wide ScreenXGA+ Display for Inspiron 9300

  1 311-3719 256MB, DDR2, 533MHz 1 Dimm, for Inspiron 9300

  1 320-4185 256MB NVIDIA 6800,for Inspiron

  1 341-1806 60GB Ultra ATA 7200RPM Hard Drive for Inspiron 9300

  1 420-4770 Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2, English, for Inspiron

  1 463-2282 Dell Owners Manual installed on your system,click on icon after system set-up to access

  1 412-0689 Image Restore

  1 420-4928 Windows Media Player 10

  1 412-0706 Dell Media Experience,v2.1, for Inspiron

  1 420-4830 DELL SUPPORT 3.0,INSP

  1 430-0493 Integrated 10/100 Network Cardand Modem, for Inspiron

  1 430-1048 Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0, for Inspiron

  1 313-2580 24X CD-RW/DVD Combo for Inspiron 9200

  1 420-5111 CyberLink PowerDVD v5.3.1012, Decoding Sofware for DVD Drives, for Inspiron Systems

  1 430-0996 Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 Internal Wireless (802.11 b/g,54Mbps) for Inspiron 9200

  1 412-0802 No Security Subscription

  1 412-0741 Music Match 9.0 Basic 7 day OnDemand

  1 312-0283 80 WHr 9-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery for Inspiron 9200

  1 412-0625 Dell/My Way Home Page

  1 412-0687 NETZERO ISP

  1 420-3224 Broadband Icon for Inspiron

  1 412-0787 AOL for Broadband

  1 412-0744 Paint Shop Photo Album 5.1 Standard

  1 412-0714 WordPerfect Productivity Pack 12, English, for Inspiron

  1 950-7831 Type 3- Third Party At Home Service, 24x7 Technical Support, 1 Year Extended

  1 950-3338 2 Year Limited Warranty

  1 412-0360 Soft Contracts - Banctec

  1 900-8221 Technical Support, 1 Year Extended

  1 960-6580 Type 3- Third Party At Home Service, 24x7 Technical Support, Initial Year

  1 960-6910 Technical Support, Initial Year

  1 310-6199 Mediterranean Blue QuickSnap Cover, for Inspiron 9200

  1 430-1188 Int Dell Wirless 350 Bluetoothfor Inspiron 9300

  1 420-5139 Quickbooks 2005 Special SimpleStart Edition

  1 310-4768 Large Leather Deluxe Carrying Case, for Inspiron XPS/9100 Customer Kit

  1 463-7044 Yes, send me my Bonus 22-issuePC Magazine.

Got it for $1580 (tax and shipping included).  And no, im not that much of a noob that I would seriously get 256mb of ram. the reason i only got 256 is b/c dell charged $250 to upgrade to 1GB.  Instead, I will be buying a 1GB stick from Newegg (http://www2.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16820208024&ATT=Memory+Notebook+Memo&CMP=OTC-pr1c3grabb3r) for ~$125 (no tax, shipping included).

Cant wait till i get it :)

also got the carrying case for free :)

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don't know much about dell but i have a HP its OK  for small stuff locks me out of playing with the BIOS DVD burner quit 30 days after warranty... $289 to fix from HP still looking for a replacement ....any ideals...anyone?  but any whooo good luck with it.....for  $1500 should have a DVD burner. or is that a burner? it might be

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ya i was about to post about that RAM except that i saw the 1gb thing at the end you put and i thought good job! i like that vid card in there, it will do good. shoulda got a dvd burner to though, but u got a nice laptop, i wish i had it =P my laptop sucks..

P3 800mhz

256mb RAM

some 32mb ATi card..

Dual 20gb hdd 5,400rpm

15 inch screen

some kind of Dell Latitude

Windows 2000 Professional

all i use for is browsing so it gets tha job done =D

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reason i didnt get dvd burner b/c i dont really plan on burning dvd's, and if i do, i'll get one for my desktop.  the reason i got 60gb harddrive was b/c it was 7200rpm--the 80 and 100gb ones were 4200rpm.  and lastly, i didnt get the 2GHz processor b/c it jacked the price up 400 bucks.  Plus, i did some research and found out that the 1.6 PM runs comparable to the 2.4ghz p4.  and also i personally do not think that $100/100MHz is a good price in terms of dollars to MHz, so yea.

But yea, i cant wait till i get it :).  It's in the 'boxing' stage right now...they made it pretty fast considering i just clicked the order button less than 2 full days ago

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