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well it was working now it has stopped for no reason what so ever! i have a wifi network set up and i want one computer withought the printer to connect to the one with the printer so i can print. the one withought the printer has the one with the computer listed in the "workgroup computers" but when you try to open it up it says that it was not accesable and that i might not have permission to access it. (i got it not to do this a while ago, when it was working but i didnt do anythng different!) now if i try to access the computer withought the printer using the computer with the printer it doesnt even reconise that their is another computer on the netowork. they both have the same workgroup and all that buisness. i am at my whits end. i also have simple file sharing enabled, whitch was why it wasnt working last time...

the thing is, it is not ad-hok or whatever, they are both connected to a router and they are not connected to eachother, but it used to work just fine so i dont get it!


so i jsut messed around a little here and it seems that every time i go through the network setup wizard/enable romote access on wither computer it delets all the ip address info that i have on my connection to my router. I delets the info i have in for my:

Dafault getaway

Subnet mask

ip address

so, how do i connect to the internet the way i am now and have remote access enabled???????????????

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Being that nobody else answered...I'll take a stab at it.

Ok first off, in my humble opinion the network neighborhood feature in Windows is next to USELESS. I'd rather have someone chisel my teeth out than be forced to use it. It rarely works right because it relies on a thing called the "Browse Master" which is basically an argument between the computers in the workgroup. They argue until one says it's master and it makes the complete list of all of the other computers. The thing that sucks about this is, sometimes TWO (or more) computers think that they are the Browse Master and they don't include each other in the list...which sounds like what is happening to you.

Also, the whole idea of network neighborhood waters down networking so much that it screws with peoples heads. If you spend just a little bit of time working to understand how to make this work without the workgroup / network neighborhood...you'll be a happy camper.

Just because the computers aren't showing up in network neighborhood does not mean they cannot communicate. It just means that the browse master is screwed. So I'm telling you to abandon that whole method of thinking.

Go to one of the computers. Click start-->run type "CMD" press enter. This gives you command line. type "ipconfig /all" make a note of the host name and IP address. Now go to the other computer and do the same thing. Use paper if necessary.

Now, from computer#1, and from command line...type ping ip_address_of_computer2 (or you can use the hostname if you want).

get a response? Yes, you're good. Now do the same thing from the other computer. You should get a response.

If you do not get a response something is either misconfigured, broken or being blocked (by a personal firewall). If you aren't getting a response, post back and we'll drill into that further. First thing I'd check is the Windows SP2 firewall (but I don't know what OS you are running :D )

I realize this is getting to be quite long quite quickly, so I'm going to wrap this up as fast as possible...

The usernames and passwords on both machines should be set to the same and the rights on the files AND SHARES should be granted to that user.

If you logon to computer#1 as "themaster"...computer#2 needs to have an account on it that matches computer#1..same username, same password same group, same logon rights (if you screwed with local security policy) etc.

now, rather than using network neighborhood...right click on "my network places" and choose "map network drive"..

type: other_computershare_name

and you should get into the share.

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