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Any UFO believers? CA3LE, this is from your neck of the woods.


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Just found some new video of more lights over Pheonix.

I think they look like flares, but if they are, then the plane dropping them has no beacons running.

I myself think that there's no way we are alone in this universe, but 99.9% of these sightings we hear about are probably BS.

CA3LE, what do the locals think?

Link to video:


From: http://www.coasttocoastam.com/

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Yeah, I've seen some weird shit before too.  It's because Luke Air Force Base is near.  There are always f-16's and shit in the sky around here.  On a nice clear day you may see 20-30 streaks of exhaust in the sky from them flying.  It was most likely a pilot that hit his flares on accident... those jets have a buttload of flares on them, hell.. he may have been testing them out...... my opinion :)

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I work for the US Air Force. thats actually looks like the landing lights that its required to be on during take off, taxing or landing. If it was flares the brightness should be a lot higher. Imaging a flare hitting the ground at low altitude can burn thru concrete seen it before

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uh...duh...helloooo...it's ufo's...we have visitors here all the time...they like the climate here...and send their friends here...plug ur noses...when u see them...cuz that's how they get up in ur head and take over ur brain...2 fingers up ur nose is enough to stop em...this is a video of their landing laghts...i think that was the night they stopped at my house...big party they love jack and coke... :D

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Guest helloimtim

Hey I saw the movie signs. I must ask though. Seems like in almost every movie like that  we kick ETs butt with something simple.

1.They can fly 100 and thousands of of light years only to be defeated by water?!?!?!?!

2. No one ever gets out the shotgun or uzi and open fires.

3. Why is it only white people in these types of movies? ( That is NOT NOT a racial remark!! )

My final thoughts would be this. As messed up as this old world is why would they want it. We have taken and taken from this planet

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