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DW7700 features


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There is some pretty good info about the 7700 modem on http://www.hns.com/HNS/Rooms/DisplayPages/LayoutInitial?Container=com.webridge.entity.Entity%5BOID%5BC4D929DFE0F25441A450AF59F502DA1E%5D%5D

for those who haven't seen it yet.  It says that it will be usefull for Real-time multimedia streaming and large file content distribution.  Wonder what this means for FAP and upstream speeds.

It is also interesting how they report different data rate speeds for different protocols such as http, udp, and ftp.  Http they say will be

at least 2Mbps.  Looking back, the DW6000 only says up to 2Mbps.  Still no mention of upstream speed as far as I can tell. 

I am also curious as to why they haven't posted anything about the 7000 since they have the 7700 up.  The 7700 is geared more toward businesses, so I wonder how differently these features will be on the 7000

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I think it's too much already for what we get.....I wish they would open the gates...so what if we hit the FAP quicker, did they ever think that if we could get our business done in a timely fashion we would get off of the air and someone else could use the bandwidth.....yes someone will abusethe system... thats what the fap is for.....what good is having it if it takes all day to get there??


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Guest aerodude

The DW7700 enables applications such as:

High-speed Internet/intranet access (around 120/kb)

Video services including remote site security monitoring

Diverse satellite backup of primary broadband access

ePayments such as POS/credit and loyalty

Polling, Enterprise CRM and ERP

Corporate training and eLearning

Real-time multimedia streaming and large file content distribution(With lil pauses in between the big files)

:haha: :haha: :haha:

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Interesting read!

I thought this was funny, taken from the huges site....

DirecWay is a family of broadband satellite solutions brought to you by Hughes Network Systems (HNS), the global market leader in providing satellite products and services to enterprises, government, and consumers. DirecWay satisfies the increasing demand for bandwidth by offering a variety of high-speed multimedia hardware, software, and service solutions.

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I think they should add up your  cap for a month or give you 20 gigs a month so you can use it when you need it and dont have to fuck around with 179megs in a couple hours time...With all other isp's gaining speed by the year it wont take but a couple of years before direcway is so slow  and useless  that it wont be considered high speed alternitive, lets face it we pay top dollar for limited service and slow speeds it would be like buying a geo metro for the price of a corvette...but the end is near adalphia strung cable up my road a year ago and i think they are almost ready to get it up and running.......

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