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Some help with the slow speed


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Hi everyone sorry for being a noob at this but ever since I had Verizon for 2 years now, my speed has never reach over 800 KB

Recently (5 days now) I have been getting speeds of on average 150 KB. This cant be normal. I have the 1.5 MB package, running on XP, P4 2.8 GHz, 512 ram.

I have updated all windows patches, boot the PC cleanly, updated my NIC drivers, tested all the wires, uninstalled all the unneeded LAN protocols, and even attempted to the use the TCP optimizer to tweak the connection speed. Nothing seems to work. Is there a chance my actual LAN line is faulty?

Results from speed test:

:::.. Download Stats ..:::

Connection is:: 263 Kbps about 0.3 Mbps (tested with 2992 kB)

Download Speed is:: 32 kB/s

Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (main)

Test Time:: Tue May 17 18:33:06 EDT 2005

Bottom Line:: 5X faster than 56K 1MB download in 32 sec

Diagnosis: May need help : running at only 8.62 % of your hosts average (verizon.net)

Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-42SDX5YQ8

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Welcome quacko27 to the Verizon Online Forum @ testmy.net !  :D

A couple of questions for you to help nail down some things.

How do you know you have the 1500/128,384 package ?

What modem do you have ? FULL and complete Make and Model PLEASE . Turn the modem over and on the bottom  there will be a sticker with Model No. ETC.

Where are you? City & State is close enough. No, we won't stalk you.. ;)

Do you use PPPoE or DHCP ?

Are you using a router ?

Have you tried replacing the "my actual LAN line is faulty? " They can become faulty/intermittent.  :evil1:


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I have the 1.5 MB because I just upgraded it 3 months ago.

Modem is Westell wirespeed 2100.

I am from NYC, Brooklyn 11230

Using a PPPoE

And no router.. I am connecting straight to the modem.

Lastly how do I replace the LAN line?? The one that runs from the outside.. would I have to call a service guy to do it? Is it free? Has anyone called their LAN line provider for a replacement before?


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Modem is Westell wirespeed 2100.

That's unusual. Normally Verizon (VZ) supplied the 2200 in the NE. Hmmm...

I am from NYC, Brooklyn 11230

There may be part of the problem. As VZ is having major routing/capacity  problems in the NE states currently, with no repair date available.  :cry:

Try some speed tests here, http://nyc.speakeasy.net/ , here  http://wdc.speakeasy.net/

Also try a couple of the testmy. net mirriors in the NYC area here, https://testmy.net/mirrors.php

Try to run these tests as late in the evening as posibile. 1 AM to 6 AM local would be best to avoid the daytime and evening slowdowns in your area. The problem is that the on going problems with VZ is probibly masking what's realy happening with your connection. Post back the results of your best test.

Lastly how do I replace the LAN line?? The one that runs from the outside.. would I have to call a service guy to do it? Is it free? Has anyone called their LAN line provider for a replacement before?

I wasn't quite shure what you meant about " LAN line"  LAN, Local Area Network usally means what's on the local side of the modem/router. Those cables/connectors  can go bad. Your speaking of the Telco Drop, Totaly different. Yes they too can go bad but not very offten. To replace that would require the Voice/telephone side of VZ to replace. Verizon DSL CSRs would be totaly clueless what you were talking about.

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To check if its your inside line there, just ping your modem with at least 20 hops....

to find the IP address for your modem, just run a tracert: "tracert testmy.net" it is the first IP generally

then ping it "ping -n 25 x.x.x.x" where the x's represent the modem IP address

if there are any losses to your modem, your cable might be *#&*@#^*'d

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Thank you for the input, I am currently at work now, but I cant wait to go home and try it out.

Most likely the problem seems to be on Verizon's end. Besides the TCP Optimizer is there any other program that works in conjunction with DSL to improve the connection speed?

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Hi guys, After doing various speed test thru out the day. I realized that my Verizon speed fluctuates from 100KB to 1400 Kb.

During the 11-3 pm the speed is very good around 500-1400KB. But as the day progesses... it dies down and by 6pm till late night it is at a depressing 100-200KB.

Is this a problem strictly on Verizon's end or can anything be done on my side??


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I have been experiencing the same issues at roughly the same time frames for nearly a month. I actually even got a technician (VZW Telephone electrician) sent to my house to check all of the wiring. Line speeds were great then (early AM)

I convinced VZW to change out my Wirespeed 2100 modem that was new two years ago for a new 2200. After all of that, and 5 more trouble tickets the problem remains.

What I have learned from calling technical support for the Mac late one Sunday night.

1.) The problem in Eastern Ma is due to an "overtaxed public trunk line in Cambridge, MA"

Verizon knows about this, and haven't been able to fix, but will not admit it.

2.) They will not credit your account, nor admit any wrong doing as they continue to oversell into their infra-structure making the problem worse.

We can only wait, or leave as I can get better speed from a dial up most of the time for 1/3 the price of VZW DSL.

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