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Ok well yeah theres a problem...but why not a better trojan checker thats what we all need to be worried about viruses just seem to make your pc go bonkers but the trojans are the programs that are the culprits rangeing anyware from bandwidth stealers to credit card extractors i use blackice firewall mccaff firewall windows firewall and virus- prestpatrol- hyjackthis-and more lol but overall the point is never keep anything on the pc you dont want me to see and always keep reformating the FIRST option on your mind then the rest wont seem as bad....i dont wanna advertize my site here but i have a page that has some files stored on it that might help you but there only there for storage not download  :idea: but anyways do you have windows xp? pro? sp2? if so make sure yor all updated and then do as follows LMAO im not liable if you distroy your pc its just wat i did.......REFORMAT LMAO......then before yo connect to the net go into your contol panel pick administrative tools then services all those are running on your pc i the backround hit the tab the says status and that will arange them from running to the ones not running.....theres a discripton of the prosses and te tab can be slid over to the right for a better view if not copy the name and run a yahoo and or goggle search on that name for a more indetailed discripton......example look for the one that says (messenger) .....that one is a prosses thats on by default with windows dose you no good but is spyware and a loophole in my book thanks to your great microsoft and government,,,,,pick it select properties and select stop prosses then in the drop down box select manual or better diable then apply and ok.....run through the list then move onto the better stuff in administrative tools you will find local security policy theres a ton of S**t in there that is left open by default hunt for network security and your passwords cache......        or you can do the what the way :?::evil: LMAO i mean who really uses the remote admin option if you do disregard the following and again im not liable if you distroy your pc (ITS JUST WHAT I DID).....go to your network icon open it and click on view all network settings click the option that says always show icaon when connected enable your firewall right click on it and deselect all then select one by one all exept tcp/ip and click uninstall walla LMAO or oops for some LMao well anyways iv been online for about 6 years and frankly tired of all this virus smirus just think get to te root  and rip it out most everything runs on your regisry do a yahoo/goggle search on it and tweak it if you distroy your pc thats why all your data is stored on a webhost server and you can reformat LOL being you have 40 min to spare and the disks to follow..... 

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