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Quick network Question

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ok we have a cable modem and my brother bought a new computer so he will have his hooked to it and i can bring the old computer into my room. Now can i have my computer hooked to his and we can both share the internet or do we need to pay extra for a second IP.

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You can use internet connection sharing (ICS), depending on operating system (Windows98, 2000, or xp I believe) or you could drop between 30 -100 bucks and buy a broadband router.  Downfall with ICS is the other machine has to be up and running and if it goes down, your connection goes with it.

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Sure, Supreme1,

what kind of router: brand name, wireless/hardwired....

be sure to connect everything properly and then powercycle properly:

-shut down PC's, disconnect power to router, disconnect power to modem, wait 1 min

-return power to modem first, wait for initialization of connection

-bring up router

-bring up PC's

the order to bring up devices is important.  If you're running XP, it should recognize the connection automatically, given the proper devices and drivers are installed. 

Any more info you can provide will help if this doesn't get you going.

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ok i bit the bullet and bought a router problem is i can't get the computer in our front room to share the internet can anyone help me.sorry i have such a lack of details ask me the info you need and all tell you.

What operating system are you running on the machine which won't connect?

I'm assuming you have a wired router..............

Wire your cablemodem to the wan port on the router, then drop a wire to one of the ports on the router for each of the other computers.  Power cycle as FallowEarth suggests after connecting everything up.  You don't need to "share" the connection to the internet because the router is performing that function for you.  If your other machines have access to the internet, check to make sure the netowork adapter settings on the computer that doesn't have access by comparing the settings with one of the other machines.

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ok i bought a Linksys 4 port switch its a wired one, me and my brother are both running Windows Xp his professional mine normal if that makes a dif.Also my brothers is in another room be connected through 100 feet of ethernet.And FallowEarth im going to try your thing right now.

EDIT:Ok i got it working now another question how do i make a FTP over to him so we can tranfer files and such thank you.

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make sure you turn of firewall to get the file sharing going once you have it working go in to your firewall settings and look for networking wizard to set up yor firewall to allow the network traffic between your computers.

i had this problem and i was using Norton internet security firewall.

if you dont configure your firewall, every time you shut down or the computor hibernates the network will quit responding.

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