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firefox all most 60,000,000 downloads

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just because IE7 will have tabbed browsing doesnt mean itll be the best. almost every browser has tabbed but IE6, so i see no reason to switch back just because i can use tabbed browsing with IE7. but dont worry everybody, youll see that IE7 wont have as many options as FF. if IE7 has anything like the about:config that FF has, then ill be slightly impressed. if it has extensions like FF, then ill be slightly even more impressed, though probably dissapointed since i doubt that theyll be user-written, and therefore not have as much variety. and if IE7 can give an extension similar to FoxyTunes, and it can control more than just WMP, like winamp and stuff, then ill be even more impressed, but unless IE7 has some sort of revolutionary new feature that FF doesnt have, im sticking with FF.

btw, IE is better for displaying sites simply because it doesnt completely follow W3C standards and allows for lazier coding. i know this for a fact because when i was coding my site, IE displayed it perfectly even though i had errors in there, and FF displayed the errors, causing me to have to go back and correct them. IE is only good for people like me who are lazy-asses. but im still sticking to FF.

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if you want to get somthing that will help you for years to come then you should get a mac

ie when you have a comp for a long time i get out of date

with a mac you can get a new os iven if the mac is say allmost 7 years old

for os X 10.4 all you need is  to have a G 3  prosser  made a bout the same time that intel came out with the pentem 1/mmx

you cant use xp on a pc with that old prosser

wow i went off the topic 

macs also have a ff for them :D

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