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NEWS: Russian Man Grows Penis on Arm


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man the pic is nasty

thank god not one posted here, this is a family forum !!

well this thread already has the name of the body part...and after all it is just a body part...the article alredy was approved for the articles section (pic and all)...so if this thread is outta line...i'll let someone else make the call...to me it's just a body part...seen one seen 'em all...even if it is fake

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So, all one has to do is remove his penis, attach it to his arm for a while, and it will grow longer?

[glow=red,2,300]Where do I sign up?!![/glow] :lol:

Have to fly to Russia, I suppose.  Just hope they don't lose your package on the flight over. :)

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will there be surrogates???...will women be doing this for their husbands or friends or sons??...OR...for themselves???...WHOA some serious questions here and could it be attached to other body parts, so one could hide it and present it later as a gift to someone? what about mass production...will they hire someone to surrogate a bunch at once (so they have 'em hangin all over their body)??...hmmmmm...just think of the possibilities

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like cre8or...i gotta say...nuff said...the comments just keep getting better and better on this one...and i know there's a joke in here somewhere...just can't find the punch line (no pun intended to ur boxer/low blow comment ;p ...which was hilarious btw) too much talk on this subject makes me dizzy  :shock: so til later peace :D

edit: spelling

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