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Guest helloimtim

I touched on this in another thread. I decided to post this hear as well to see what others may have to say. I had always seen others post about how great agp cards were. How much faster they were than pci cards. In my experience that is just not the case. I had a pci card (9250) with 256 memory. It ran doom 3 just fine. I only paid 100 bucks for it. Now this agp (5500) with 256 memory on a system that runs 512 megs of ram. This card I paid 140 for. Strange it will not run doom unless everything is set as low as it can go and the pci card would run full blast. So I would almost guess the new pci e express with probally be the same. While costing more it will still not deliver the way a pci or agp for the same price. Any thoughts on this??

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that is a bit wierd

maybe its some driver compatilibility

at the moment i have a wierd problem also the folding program i got the gui interface

if i leave it open and running in my system tray its fine

if i open to see the nice animations going about and i leve it open for about 2h or something like that

my pc crashes and the resolution goes to the worse my system can go back to

i dont know why this happens either overheating of the graphics

or what the hack it is but its wierd.

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