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3dmark05 scores

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Guest helloimtim

Well since I use the fx 5500 256mb. I am sure it would be pretty bad. I do use the atholon 3100 which I really like. My card up to this point will run the games I enjoy. I like call of duty. Far Cry and max payne. Did fine on doom 3 demo. I am just not that hardcore of gamer. Dont play online. Unless something really great comes along I will probally tackle diablo 2. I am just not a fan of either half life or doom. If some of these pc game makers dont slow down on such high end graphics I think they will work themselfs out of work. Why pay 3 or 4 hundred for a card to play a pc game ?

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I posted a while back about my 3dmark03 score of 4600ish, seemed slow to me. Reno said it wasn't "crappy". So I decided to do the 05 version... And let me tell you, my pc still sucks. :D I scored a 1657 and the highest framerate I saw was 10.5 on the balloon test.<br><br>Now what's weird is that I thought I had a sort of decent machine.(For the loot anyway):<br><br>AMD3200XP rated at 2.2 ghz<br>ATI radeon 9800 pro 128meg(agp)<br>1 gig pc2700<br>Soundblaster live 24 bit<br>Asus mobo...200 mhz f.s.b.<br><br>She runs HALO with hardly any slowdown...Granted the graphics aren't maxed. Doom 3 runs well too. Maybe I should just realize that I'm in need of a better rig. Is there anything I can do to boost this short of overclocking???

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Is there anything I can do to boost this short of overclocking???

If you have the Barton core, you should have a FSB of 200 which means that you can use PC3200 DDR400. If you get high quality RAM (or not), you can safely up your front side bus to 200 as that is the default speed for that RAM/Processor combination. That way, you'll be functioning at the full speed of the processor. That will bring your scores up some, but not alot.

The PC2700 DDR333 only allows you to set the FSB to 166 (without overclocking).

Clock Bus Volts Connector Cache (Speed) Size Temp Power Introduced

Barton: Doubled the cache and bumped up bus speed


2200 400MHz FSB 1.65 Socket A L1: 128kB

L2: 512 kB (Full) 0.13

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Organ-shifter, thanks for the response.<br><br>Here's what I'm looking at:<br><br> My memory is actually pc3200. The board, Asus A7V8X-LA Is supposedly only set to run it at 2700. (I do believe its got the barton core.)I went to a spec page on my machine and it says that my board already runs its FSB at 400 MHz.....Which is  strange since system monitors I've used in the past say it's running at 200MHz.....Also, Let me admit that this machine started out as a Compaq-(spec page @ http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?dlc=en&tool=softwareCategory&lc=en&product=436281&os=228&cc=us&docname=c00288543 with minor changes being made. I.E., Added 512 mem,vid card, sound card. BTW, I just read in Maximum pc, that when you add cards vs. using on-board, it takes pressure off of the processor and actually ups performance. (obviously with the vidcard more so). I did notice slight graphical improvement after I added my sound card. Anyway, I tried going into the bios to check stuff out and I can't bring up or find any advanced chipset modifiers. It's a phoenix utility, seems really mellow. I've posted before on this subject as I feel this system is not optimized.<br><br>I really do understand that there's only so much juice you can squeeze from an orange, but there has to be a way to modify or "enhance" performance. BTW the machine runs a tad hot. I've got the vid/sound cards as far away from each as possible.-she hasn't shut down yet though.(knock on wood.) Is there a utility, (software based) out there that allows you to change system settings performance wise ? I know it's doubtful since that's what the bios is for.<br><br> I won't give up yet but I think I may be at my limit. What gets me is that I see 3dmark scores doubling mine with older, slower equipment.<br><br>Thanks in advance for any advice.<br><br>GO PISTONS !!!


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Organ-shifter.<br><br> Ah yes, the old 200 = 400. I read about that on a thread here a while back. Now if the mobo is telling me I'm at pc2700 when I actually have pc 3200 installed,that must mean my mobo only supports up to 2700 in which case I'm pretty much trapped. I'm still having issues trying to locate any type of advanced chipset info through the bios. Can't adjust cas latency or timing etc.I can't even check to see where it's at. I just bought a Maximum PC optimization manual and it pretty much has the numbers and methods, but my bios won't let me any further than the normal hard drive, onboard sound/vid options. I can tell the time and temp as well...WOOOOHOOOO !!! :(! Other than that, the options just aren't there. I'd at least like to check and compare against the maxpc recommendations. <br><br>That's it, I'm calling Alienware. :angry5:...Thanks again....<br><br>SteveH11<br><br>Maybe next year.... :D

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