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  Hey cool score RTB I have the next step up to that card the nvidia geforce 6800 not gt or anything! I didn't overclock to get those scores either. If I did I may score higher I did overcloak once and only got a few 100 more. But I don't overcloak much anymore since I almost screwed up my pc doing that I think lol! Well anyway cool score! I don't know how wingzero does it my scores are pretty good for my card and all! Or thats what they told me on the forum at 3dmark. But they told me I could maybe get better turing off a few things. But anyway I spent to much money on this card and wish maybe I hadn't but I have always wanted to so I did! And I see alot better graphice but don't know if it was worth the money! But I can play half life 2 on high and doom 3 on ultra high and all my games on high! Before I had a ATI 9550 and I could set some of my games on high but not Undergorund 2 like I can now! I think I could put doom 3 all the way up but not sure, And I think it may have had problems but not sure! But anyway I probably should have upgraded anyway but I wanted pci express but that would have meant a new almost everything lol! Thanks!

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I tried to download this application over the internet.....with dway.....yeah right...anyway I got 61% (171megs in 30 minutes) then reached the dreaded FAP...my copy of the policy reads that they will reduce your bandwidth to a 56k dial-up, but that you will still have internet access, only at a greatly reduced rate...dway lies like a pile of sh*t.....I got completely cut off....I could not sustain a 1kb download.....I would get out of bed to check on the progress and it would be stopped, when I would reconnect it started from the beginning of the file again instead of resuming from where it left off!!

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