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I want to setup a VPN into my network at work DWAY CS has just told me I cannot do that, as I have DW-6000 ($60/mo), consumer edition (or something like that) and I would have to upgrade to the Professional edition (or something like that $100/mo). Does anyone know if he was correct?

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My vpn would not work over my consumer account.  I had to upgrade to professional.  The professional edition has a static ip address, which is the key to getting most vpn clients to work.

Some vpn clients will work without a static ip address.

Bottom line is you'll need a vpn that doesn't request a static ip or you need to get a static ip address, which may mean upgrading to professional.  It's probably worth asking if you can get a static ip address for the account you have now.

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I use the Cisco VPN client (version 4.0.3) to get into work.  Works OK here with the DW6000 CE.  The speed will be slow, so expect that.  It does work fine though.

Addionally,  our company uses IPSec over the vpn. 

Enable Transparent Tunneling - Should be enabled

in most cases, with one of the two following IPSec

protocols enabled. I could not get IPSec over TCP to

connect, but when I tried IPSec over UDP it connected

right away.  This is something you may want to check

with your IT folks.  See if the VPN gateway host

supports IPSec over UDP, as it appears to directly

support a NAT'd client.

        1. IPSec over UDP (NAT/PAT) <-Default in most


        2. IPSec over TCP -  Ports available 80, 90,

900, & 2020

Peer response timeout (seconds): Should be left at 90

Several ports and protocols are used, or can be used

by vpn.

Your firewall should allow you to pass the following:

Protocols 50 and 51

UDP 500

For IPSec Over UDP

UDP 4500

For IPSec over TCP

TCP 80

TCP 90

TCP 900

TCP 2020.

Jim P


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I would assume the only reason one would need a static IP address is that a dhcp address can be lost if the device (DW6000) is powered off long enough to lose it's reservation.....we have reservations setup for 7 days on our dhcp server at work. Anyone know the length of time Hughes has it's dhcp server set up to keep reservations? I also would assume that the VPN cannot detect whether your have a static IP address or if you have a dhcp address. I guess I will have to get it setup and give it a try :?:

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