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Benchmark my graphics card, What test?


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hi there guys

i have been trying to find a program to benchmark my graphics card that would do it on counter strike, unreal tournament and quake

those are normally the 3 games they test it on.

i dint want to install the game on my machine i just wont to see how i would score under their stress

in counter strike source i get an average of 40fps which is not bad :)

there is this huge list of program at


on of them lists all the games but the reality is u need them all installed

where do u guys suggest i benchmark my graphics card

can u post your score so i cam compare my graphics to yours please


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If i may be so bold (after all I'm only a "cool guy")

http://fosi.cdkbreeze.com/              if link doesn't work <just downloaded 9:30pm california time 6_14_05>

  type fosi in google

SiSoft Sandra Pro 2005 SR1 

3rd down on left side

no links

no redirects

no crap

just click,  save, install, and use

steyr 223 at gunna go play (gtasa) dot  l8r

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if i take off vertical sync i get like 250fps in cs but  try 3d mark 01 if you have a shity computer also for  d3d 8 and try 3d mark 03 for a decent computer  for d3d 9b and for awesome computers try 3d mark 05 also for d3d 9c . why would you  want benchmark on cs  its not like you would lag or anything. 

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